Municipal elections and local power theme of Belgian Pride 2018 in Brussels


In the week of 15-20 May the Belgian Pride will dominate life in Brussels. This year the theme is #YourLocalPower. In October Belgium holds municipal elections.

“Feeling free and at home in your neighborhood, town or city. Be and show yourself in the streets. Holding hands with the person you love and smiling at each other in public. Our personal lives occur in the public space. Considering the approaching communal elections, everyone (youngsters, seniors, families, couples and all people – no matter what gender or orientation) asks the local politicians: How do you make a difference? What do you do to improve diversity in our everyday life? Where the rain makes way for the sun, we will walk proudly under the rainbow!”, argues the Belgian Pride.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, Flanders, Europe and Brussels. That last one is a bit odd but maybe we’ll explain that later.


The Belgian Pride is always more political than Antwerp Pride, the Fiertés namuroises (Namur Pride) or Fiertés hennuyères (Hainaut Pride in Mons). “Your local municipal or city administration can also make a real difference and turn the place where you live into a true rainbow bubble, if that’s what you’d like, of course”, says the Belgian Pride.

Pride Festival

The Pride Festival lasts more than a week, but culminates in the pride parade on Saturday 19th of May, followed by many parties.

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