8 food hotspots in Madrid for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tim and I were five days in Madrid. Obviously we had to eat. So we used TripAdvisor and personal recommendations to find nice places to eat. Or we just wandered te streets.

Breakfast proved difficult. As in France, Spain is not ‘big’ on breakfast. It’s not the United Kingdom, Belgium or Germany. You must be happy with some pastry or a sandwich and coffee.

Here are a few addresses we can recommend.

Más Al Sur, Calle de Santa Isabel 35, 28012 Madrid

Mediterranean and Spanish dishes with a large selection of wines. Perfect pitstop during the day.


La Cabra, Calle Francisco de Rojas 2, 28010 Madrid

Michelin-star gastronomy at a price. We paid around 165 euros per person for a many course menu, assorted wines and an aperitif.

Food was impeccable, but we may not have been overly overwhelmed. But we we must admit we’re a bit spoilt. Service was a bit too quick. We Belgians like to take time. Certainly for that price.


Mercado de San Ildefonso, Calle Fuencarral 57, 28004 Madrid

Busy foodcourt on the busy shopping street of Fuencarral. Top tip: go a bit earlier than everyone else. Typical dinner time starts at 9, even 10PM. So try 8ish. You’ll have more room. From croquetas to jamón ibérico, from burgers to pintxos. You’ll find something you’ll like.


Calidade, Calle Nuñez de Arce 14, 28012 Madrid

Probably the best surprise of our Madrid trip. The place was almost empty but offered delicious modern Spanish dishes. The waiter spoke Spanish, Italian, English French and Dutch. Yes, he studied in Brussels. Have velvet cake for dessert!


Taberna Arzabal (Museo Reina Sofía), Calle de Santa Isabel 52, 28012 Madrid

The nicest breakfast we had. The tavern is located in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía but you can enter from the main street. Sandwiches, croissants and pastry for breakfast.


Cafetería El Corte Inglés, Calle de Serrano 70, 28001 Madrid

Not the gastronomic foodcourt of the main El Corte Inglés, but this one has a nice yet busy restaurant. We enjoyed our large paella here.

El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience, Plaza Callao 2, 9.º, 28013 Madrid

The Gourmet Experience on the 9th floor of El Corte Inglés in the shopping heart of Madrid is busy a.f. but a niece experience. We ate at pintxos bar Imanol. The name makes Tim and I giggle (it only works in Flemish, sorry). Nice variety of Basque pintxos.


NuBel, Calle Argumosa 43, 28012 Madrid Madrid

Wow. We actually ate there twice, but didn’t realise it the first time. Hip and trendy molecular Spanish cuisine with excellent foor and wine pairing. And not that expensive. It was our last lunch Madrid but I can faithfully use the phrase “last but not least” here.

For the food and for the interior design, put NuBel on your list. It’s also located at the Museo Reina Sofía.


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