PHOTOS | Antwerp’s Meir and Shopping Stadsfeestzaal gearing up for re-opening of shops



On Monday, retail will resume business but not as usual. The City of Antwerp has installed signage and Shopping Stadsfeestzaal went in overdrive.

Hurray! Or “Hurray?”. From Monday 11 May, shops re-open. But it’s regulated. 1.5 meter social distancing, face masks are advised but not mandatory, only 30 minutes per person per shop and also: shop alone.



Ah well. Anyway. There’s signage everywhere. On the De Keyserlei (the green bit on the photo), on the Meir. There are even some kind of traffic lights.



Shopping Stadsfeestzaal went all-out with signages. Arrows, green stickers, ‘welcome back’ signs. The shopping centre created a routing for you to follow.

It reminds me of the Verkeerspark (Traffic Park) where Antwerp pupils learn to cope with traffic, roads, cars and cyclists.

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  1. Marron Santillan says:

    That’s actually hella fantastic!

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    1. Timothy says:

      It’s special. I’m curious for Monday…

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      1. Marron Santillan says:

        Tell us about it!

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        1. Timothy says:

          That’s highly probable 😛

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