ANTWERP PRIDE 2023 | ‘Braveolution’ to Brave Space Antwerp

Every year, Antwerp Pride has a theme. In 2022 it was ‘Queertopia‘. In 2023 the theme is ‘Braveolution’. Spokesperson Wilfried Eetezonne unveiled the theme at the organisation’s New Year’s Reception at MoMu, the Antwerp fashion museum.

Bart Abeel.

Such New Year’s Receptions are a moment to launch the year and to see friends, acquaintances and other people you know and to have short “hi, hi” conversations. 

Outgoing chairman Bart Abeel was feted for his fifteen-year tenure at the helm of the organisation. He was thanked for his work and he thanked the many volunteers for their contribution. 

Antwerp Pride also received its Touristico Gaylive Award for Event of The Year.

Marc Dirix and Sven Boutsen give Bart Abeel and Geert Van Praet the Touristico Gaylive Award.

Festivities and inclusion

New chairman Geert Van Praet introduced himself. He has been on the board of directors for six years. Coming from a party organising background, he wants to continue to offer pride attendees a good time.

Simultaneously, Van Praet wants to deepen inclusivity. There is already an Inclusivity Cell which is consulted on matters such as choosing a theme.

Geert Van Praet and Michiko.

Bjorn Lommelen was announced as the new coordinator of Antwerp Pride. He succeeds to Davide Secci.

Theme : Braveolution

This years’ theme is Braveolution. Let’s evolve to (Antwerp being) a brave space. 

What is a brave space? “People can be themselves in safe spaces. They are protected against discrimination, sexism, racism or homophobia. The doors may sometimes be closed. But not always. They also need to swing open. Then a safe space becomes a brave space”, Reyhan Görgöz, Bart Van Bouchaute and Peter Cristiaensen describe  brave space in ‘Van safe naar brave spaces: jongeren op de bres tegen onrecht‘ on

While Safe Space looks inwards, Brave Space acknowledges challenges and expects people to contribute to safety. And that implies being braves sometimes and not retreat to the safe space. 

LGBTQIA+ organisations çavaria and Wel Jong are working on ‘Veilige(re) en Vertrouwde Omgevingen‘ (VVO) or ‘Safe(r) and Familiar Surroundings‘.

Antwerp Pride is opening up that space and the debate. Antwerp Pride wants the city to be a brave space for everyone, year-round. Antwerp Pride wants people to speak up when they see injustices or unsafe situations. On the street, at school, at work, while partying and so on. 

Wilfried Eetezonne and Nathalie Delporte.

It starts now

The announcement of the theme is only the beginning. A programme and schedule will follow, people and partners will have ideas and input. An Antwerp Pride Magazine will be published, printed and distributed. 

Antwerp Pride 2023 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2023

Darklands 2023

Queer Antwerp

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