ANTWERP | Landmark protection of two historic Scheldt harbour cranes confirmed

Crane 347IA.

Two electric quay cranes from the collection of historic harbour cranes of the Museum At the Stream (MAS) will have their protected status as monument renewed.

The largest and most impressive collection of harbor cranes in the world is located in Antwerp, at Rijnkaai 20. The Immovable Heritage agency asked the city of Antwerp to advise on the planned protection of two of the cranes. The city advised favorably on the proposed protection.

The historic cranes, 347IA and 371JA, were already protected in 2002, but in 2018 they were moved to the Rijnkaai to ensure sustainable maintenance. There they are part of the collection of historical harbor cranes of the MAS. 

Due to the transfer, the protection decree of 30 September 2002 no longer corresponded to reality. The protection as a monument depends on the place of protection. In order to make the protection decision administratively and legally correct, a new decision will be drawn up with the adjusted location, in order to continue the existing protection.

Crane 371JA.


The 347IA electric shore crane is the only surviving and well-preserved example of a series of eight electric cranes from 1953-1954, equipped with a counter boom top travel. It was built by one of the most important Belgian constructors, namely the Hoboken company Titan Anversois

It was the last series of cranes in Antwerp with a riveted half-timbered construction, before they switched to welded constructions. The crane was originally located at the Vierde Havendok (Fourth Harbour Dock).

The electric shore crane 371JA is the only surviving and well-preserved example of twenty electric general cargo cranes from 1958-1959 that run on tracks. The crane was exceptionally built by a German firm, Fr. Kocks, in a period when most cranes were Boom cranes. Characteristic of this crane is that the top movement on the outside is driven by a rack and pinion. They originally served on the quays of the Leopolddok (Leopold Dock), where they almost doubled the transhipment capacity per shift.

Cranes as a museum piece

The unique Antwerp crane collection forms the largest museum collection of harbor cranes in the world. The MAS now manages no less than 18 harbor cranes. Of these, 14 are located on the Rijnkaai, near Hangar 26 and 27. Anyone can view them there for free. You can go to the MAS for guided crane walks.

The most impressive is the Titan crane, which is 40 meters tall. The taps were restored by de-rusting and repainting. 

The oldest dates from 1907, the youngest from 1963. ​ ​

On the look of Antwerp

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