Visiting the Kraków Salt Mines and Castle

In the Spring of 2018 Ivan and I made a trip through Germany, Poland and Czechia. On this trip we stayed a few days in Kraków and after we had visited the infamous death camps of Oświęcim (Auschwitz) we decided for some lighter items to fill our next day.

Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre

The Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre is located right next to the old town of Krakow, just across from the park with most sights and attractions in walking distance. The station is also only a 20 minutes’ walk away, right next to big shopping centre. The Hotel itself consists of an old building repurposed as…

POLAND | 3 hotspots of gastronomy in Kraków

In November 2017 I attended the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference in Warsaw. I was taken under the wings of çavaria. Obviously I had to seize that opportunity. I stayed a bit longer and took the PKP pendolino train to Kraków.

Warsaw 2017

In November 2017 I travelled to Warsaw in Poland for the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference as part of the çavaria delegation. There wasn’t that much time for sightseeing, but I managed to do a few things. 

Travelling on Deutsche Bahn’s new ICE 4 from Frankfurt to Leipzig

Every year we plan a few big trips together, Timothy and I. When we heard ÖBB’s proposal to launch Nightjet service to Brussels in December 2019 we jumped on the occasion and included a ride back home from Austria to Belgium on the Nightjet after our autumn Berlin, Czechia and Slovakia trip. However as we…

Half a day tour of Trier in Germany

Scott, Ivan, Danny and myself found a weekend to go an adventure together. We decided to go to Trier in Germany. We spent half a day there.

2018 Poland Trip

Danny went to Germany, Poland and Czechia a.k.a. the Czech Republic. Here’s an overview of the tour. From Antwerp to Dresden; Holiday Inn Dresden am Zwinger; A day in Dresden; Rail Tour of Silesia; Holiday Inn Kraków City Center; Auschwitz-Birkenau; Kraków Castle and Salt Mines; Novotel Katowice Centrum; Katowice and the Silesian Museum; Czech Railways’…

Crossing Silesia by train

After our stay at the Holiday Inn Dresden and exploring the city of Dresden, it was time to continue our trip eastwards to Krakow in Poland. The fastest routes either go via Warsaw or Prague, but we decided on travelling on the classic route over Gorlitz and Wroclaw.