Province of Antwerp adapts curfew

The Province of Antwerp is adapting some corona countermeasures. The curfew is now 1.30 AM to 5.30 AM. Governor Cathy Berx speaks of “nachtklok” (night clock) instead of “avondklok” (evening clock). It doesn’t translate into English.

TGV Inoui Brussels to Lyon in Corona times

Normally I was supposed to be travelling around France in the month of March, visiting Lyon and the Burgundy region. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic started and the trip was cancelled. As by the end of June the borders of Europe started to reopen and some travel opportunities started to be had, my good friend Gillis…

Darklands 2021 postponed to April… or later

Darklands has announced postponing the 2021 edition to April 2021 or possibly even later. The exact date is not yet released and won’t be as long as there is no final “go’” That ‘go’ means approval from authorities after a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is available.