MONKEYPOX IN BELGIUM | Darklands warns visitors, as gay men are more at risk

Gay fetish and kinks festival Darklands has sent an email to its visitors to warn them for monkeypox, the ‘new’ disease spreading. “The health department of the Belgian government has confirmed three cases of the monkeypox virus linked to visitors at Darklands”, the festival communicates to its visitors.

Darklands 2023 to and from Deep Space 

A few days after Darklands 2022 in Antwerp, next year’s theme has been revealed: space. In an animated video, Darklands tells a ‘Star Wars‘-like space odyssey where it is make clear space travel will be used as theme for decorations and setting. 

Darklands 2022 hints at postponement  

In a New Year’s message, Darklands master Jeroen Van Lievenoogen hints at a postponement of the 2022 edition. Not unrealistic, with the COVID-19 pandemic still very present and the omicron variant a party pooper.

Darklands 2022 introduces Puppy Walk through streets of Antwerp 

Belgian Leather & Fetish Pride Darklands in Antwerp is set to take place from Wednesday 4 to Monday 9 May 2022. Pandemic or not, the organising committee continues its preparations. Darklands announced a Puppy Walk through the streets of Antwerp. And no, there are (probably) no actual puppies involved.