Darklands 2022 hints at postponement  

In a New Year’s message, Darklands master Jeroen Van Lievenoogen hints at a postponement of the 2022 edition. Not unrealistic, with the COVID-19 pandemic still very present and the omicron variant a party pooper.

Darklands 2022 introduces Puppy Walk through streets of Antwerp 

Belgian Leather & Fetish Pride Darklands in Antwerp is set to take place from Wednesday 4 to Monday 9 May 2022. Pandemic or not, the organising committee continues its preparations. Darklands announced a Puppy Walk through the streets of Antwerp. And no, there are (probably) no actual puppies involved.

Antwerp Pride 2021: “Long time, no see”

Pride is more than party. Pride is protest. But pride is also a celebration and is also a party. That was – and as I’m writing this still is – unsurprisingly the reigning vibe this Antwerp Pride Saturday.

Darklands 2020 was the last dance before COVID-19

No, Darklands 2020 in Antwerp wasn’t completely carefree. There were already signs of the coronavirus, as COVID-19 was usually called back then. But still, it was the last dance. The last major gay event in Belgium. A few days later, on Friday 13 March 2020, the Government announced the first coronavirus countermeasures. 

Darklands 2022 at Antwerp Expo event hall?

No Darklands in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organiser Jeroen Van Lievenoogen made the right call in October 2020. On Alphatribe, he now announces a change of venue is in the works. 

AREAS OF ANTWERP | Scheldekaaien or Scheldt Quays

At the end of October 2020, the Governments of Belgium – yes, plural – announced a second lockdown as a coronavirus countermeasure. To be fair, the lockdown is not a full confinement. But we were and are allowed to go outside. So even if the nature of measures change, the lockdown provides an excuse to…

Darklands 2021 postponed to April… or later

Darklands has announced postponing the 2021 edition to April 2021 or possibly even later. The exact date is not yet released and won’t be as long as there is no final “go’” That ‘go’ means approval from authorities after a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is available.