Flying SAS transatlantic

After seeing some travel vlogs about travelling across the USA with Amtrak Timothy and me decided to try it out for ourselves in 2016. As we would be flying to Chicago to start our trip and flying back from Los Angeles at the end we had to look at some more expensive ‘open-jaw’ (meaning flying to one place, returning from another on the same ticket) flight options. The cheapest and most interesting offer came from SAS, the Scandinavian flag carrier. As SAS markets their economy class as ‘low-cost’, even on long-haul, we were curious how our experience would be like.

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Ticket Distribution: the failure of railways to sell themselves

Earlier this week I went to the international ticket office in Antwerp Central station to make some reservations for my trains for my upcoming trip to Poland. When I got to the front of the queue the man working the desk informed me the since the beginning of March they were only able to issue tickets and reservations for neighbouring countriesthe Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and France, and no more destinations beyond. The very helpful man did try whether maybe he could still issue the reservations required, but unfortunately the computer said no. This was quite a contrast to when Timothy went to Poland in autumn and was able to make his reservations for trains in Poland at the international ticket office here in Belgium without any issues.

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