Welcome on Trip By Trip, a blog by an for Danny and Timothy. The purpose of this blog is to share their travel experiences with friends, family and the world. This is blog is like a diary or a memento of their journeys around the world.

This blog is not a guidebook. Surely, we’ll give some ideas, recommendations and ‘what (not) to do‘s, but we cannot and will not guarantee our experiences are universal or guidelines for what you should (not) do on your travels.

To round up, as a disclaimer, Trip By Trip is a personal but public blog about Danny’s and Timothy’s travels. It’s their experience, their journey, their life.

The blog is in English to broaden the horizon of this blog. Both Danny and Timothy have friends and family outside Belgium.


Danny and Timothy were and are colleagues at the National Company of Belgian Railways (NMBS / SNCB). They met in 2012. They became friends as they share the art of clumsiness, an interest in travel, in YouTube, in useless knowledge and a taste of luxury.

They first started travelling together in 2013, when Danny asked Timothy to tour Scotland by train. This infected Timothy with the train travel virus and since then they travelled together at least once or twice a year.

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