Timothy. Photo by Thanh.

Danny about Timothy:

Timothy (21/06/1981) had a classical education in high school, so he studied Greek and Latin. This sparked his interest in history and languages. He tried and failed at Law but succeeded at Communication and Journalism at Plantijn, now AP, in Antwerp.

Timothy joined the NMBS / SNCB in early 2012 after a few jobs in communication. He still uses his journalism skills as a hobby, running the LGBT news blog Be Out. He has been involved in the LGBT movement since 1999 and has written for a few gay media outlets. He also ran an ad hoc travel blog narrating his month long tour of Australia in 2011.

Even though he might deny it his family had a big influence on his interest and fascination with travelling and exotic places. He grew up bilingual in a French speaking family in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and because his dad used to run a travel agency he got to taste a big part of the world from a young age as his parents believed taking their kids along on their travels would be a positive influence in their education and open-mindedness towards the world.

With an uncle living in the USA and a sister moving around the world he has had to travel a lot to visit he his family which only enforces his travel virus.

Because of his previous travel experiences, Timothy has slowly pushed the duo out into a world of more exotic destinations and even passed on his ‘One long-haul destination per year’ aim on to Danny.

In his Cuckoo’s Nest Timothy might live on his own, but due to his group of friends he often finds himself in a patch of ‘leisure time stress’, not knowing what to do first.

Three things Timothy wants to see and do when travelling

  • Palaces, parliaments, flags and coats of arms;
  • Wandering around to make photos and feed his Instagram feed and to check in on Swarm;
  • Having at least one meal per day in local cuisine.

Three things Timothy doesn’t mind skipping when travelling

  • Going somewhere he’s been before (except London);
  • Adrenaline-filled activities such as bungeejumping, cycling or going upside down in rollercoasters;
  • Hamburgers and fries and carbonated drinks.

Three things Timothy should do less when travelling but can’t help it

  • Check in on Swarm everywhere;
  • Eating cake;
  • Giving in to his FOMO.

Three things Timothy learned from Danny travelwise:

  • The train journey is part of the adventure;
  • Enjoy hotel facilities;
  • Awards and points are rewarding.