Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels

Each year, except in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Royal Palace of Brussels opens its doors to the general public, as Buckingham Palace in London does. For a few weeks after Belgium‘s National Holiday (Nationale Feestdag, Fête Nationale) on the 21st of July, you can visit the ‘office palace’ of the King of the Belgians. 

“No photos!”

2020. Corona. Travelling is a different game. Yet our Fernweh acted up too often. So we arranged a train trip to Germany and Austria. Specifically to Leipzig in Saxony, several spots in Bavaria and returning home with ÖBB‘s Nightjet from Innsbruck in Tyrol to Brussels in Belgium.

REVIEW | Holiday Inn Hasselt

After our disappointing stay at Hotel Paping in Ommen, we decided to go for another weekend away to try to have a better experience. As I still had a bunch of IHG points that I wasn’t yet able to spend due to Corona travel restrictions we decided to go to Hasselt and spend a night…

REVIEW | Paping Hotel & Spa

As my boyfriend had received a Bongo voucher for a hotel stay as a Christmas gift we decided to try it out for a weekend getaway. Browsing to the list of available hotels on the Bongo website we didn’t encounter many interesting properties. In the end we settled with the Paping Hotel & Spa in…