Timothy about Danny:

Danny (15/09/1987) studied Tourism & Leisure Management at the Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen (now Lessius) in Mechelen after a study of Tourism in high school. After a spell as ground staff for an American airline at Brussels Airport, he joined the NMBS / SNCB in 2011.

Besides his mother tongue Dutch, Danny is fluent in English and French. He can have conversations in German and he knows enough Spanish to tell passengers they shouldn’t sit in first class with their second class ticket.

Danny is the planner of the duo. He masters the art of scheduling as none other. He knows airline and airport codes by heart and has an internal sense of direction which competes with postal pigeons.

He has one sister and no cats or dogs. But Wall-E brings life to his apartment. In his spare time he likes play computer games where one has to build and organise. Does that surprise you? What he lacks in interest in sports, he compensates with his love of sleep.

Now he committed to Trip By Trip. I’m not sure he realises what he started. Because yes, it was his idea.


Three things Danny wants to see and do when travelling

  • Science, technology and transport museums;
  • Making most of hotel amenities such as club lounges and swimming pools;
  • Exploring the regional architectural highlights and peculiarities.

Three things Danny doesn’t mind skipping when travelling

  • Nature;
  • Shopping;
  • Going out.

Three things Danny should do less when travelling but can’t help it

  • Prepare too much in advance;
  • Complain about the weather;
  • Walk too fast.

Four things Danny learned from Timothy travelwise

  • Just try whatever you don’t know on a menu, if it’s bad at least you gave it a try;
  • Do things you might not do otherwise, go out of your safe bubble;
  • Post pictures of your travel adventures on Instagram;
  • Travel to one long-haul destination each year.