MONKEYPOX IN BELGIUM | Darklands warns visitors, as gay men are more at risk

Gay fetish and kinks festival Darklands has sent an email to its visitors to warn them for monkeypox, the ‘new’ disease spreading. “The health department of the Belgian government has confirmed three cases of the monkeypox virus linked to visitors at Darklands”, the festival communicates to its visitors.

ANTWERP | Groenplaats to become green again 

The Groenplaats – Green Square – in Antwerp in to become green again. The City of Antwerp has presented its plans for the future for this major space in the historic centre.

Borgerhout flies intersex inclusive Rainbow Progress Pride Flag for IDAHOT 

The 17th of May is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia. IDAHOBIT, or more commonly in Belgium, IDAHOT. Since a few years cities, communes (municipalities) and districts in Flanders fly the rainbow flag on this occasion. This year, the District of Borgerhout in Antwerp is also flying the latest version: the Progress…

Darklands 2023 to and from Deep Space 

A few days after Darklands 2022 in Antwerp, next year’s theme has been revealed: space. In an animated video, Darklands tells a ‘Star Wars‘-like space odyssey where it is make clear space travel will be used as theme for decorations and setting. 

Rainbow zebra crossing in Borgerhout 

The Borgerhout district in the city of Antwerp has now its own rainbow zebra crossing. These rainbow zebra crossing are painted as a support to LGBTQIA+ people and to visibly mark diversity.

ANTWERP | Looking for Linkeroever Railway Station

Once upon a time there was a railway station on Antwerp‘s River Scheldt‘s Left Bank: Antwerpen-Linkeroever. On a frisk but sunny December 2021 morning, Famo and I went on the hunt for remnants of Antwerp-Left Bank Railway Station and now lost parts of Railway Line 59.

Visiting Ellis Island’s National Immigration Museum in New York

My January 2021 visit to the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp inspired me to have a look at old photos on Facebook. There I found photos of my 2010 (!) visit to New York and Washington DC with Thijs and Mario. That trip included the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 

REVIEW | Restaurant De Godevaart in Antwerp

Danny and I love fine dining. We don’t go for a fancy dinner that often, but when we do, we make it worthwhile. Steve invite Frank and me for a dinner at De Godevaart in Antwerp.