VIDEO | Trams in Antwerp in 1993

1993 was a big year for Antwerp. It was Cultural Capital of Europe and it gave the city many cultural events and a sense of pride. For Antwerpians over a certain age, it’s memorable.

VIDEO | Antwerp in 1910-1920, 1933 and 1953

Perry Dolmans of Geschiedenis in kleur (History in colour) has colorized old footage of Antwerp, dating from 1910 to 1920. He also edited images of 1933 and 1953 amongst others.

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival plans walking trail in Antwerp

“Seeing we only just received news from the government concerning the conditions for organizing (cultural) events, we are still busy looking into exact programmation for this year’s edition”, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival announced.

Antwerp to be car-free by 2024?

The City of Antwerp wants 83% of the streets between the Scheldekaaien (Scheldt Quays), the Oudeleeuwenrui, the Leien (the Boulevards) and the Kronenburgstraat to be car-free or almost car-free. Autovrij and autoluw in Dutch.

Scheldt River cruise to Hemiksem and hike back

De Waterbus (The Water Bus) is a ferry service on the River Scheldt linking Lillo, Kallo, Zwijndrecht, Sint-Anna (Saint Anne’s), Antwerp, Kruibeke and Hemiksem. Thanh and I took the Waterbus to Hemiksem and a ferry to Bazel to do a hike back to Antwerp.