VIDEO | A time-filling free activity at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? The Panorama Terrace!


Do you have time to spare at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)? Check out the Panorama Terrace and Fokker Experience.

The Panorama Terrace and Fokker Experience at Schiphol are perfect as a time-filling free activity when you’re way too early for your flight or you are interested in aviation.


There’s one major hiccup, which is in a way also a advantage: it’s for non-passengers. This means you can acces it before security. Which is good news if your a keen plane spotter. But it’s not accessible if you’re in transit.

So or just go and have al look on a nice day, or check in early, go and watch some planes and keep an eye on your watch. Because at one point you’ll need to go through security, customs and boarding.

We saw a few airplanes taking off. I filmed Garuda Indonesia GA89 flying to Jakarta. It’s a Boeing 777-300 ER.


At the main entrance, go more or less straight ahead, up and follow the signs. The panorama platform offers a nice overview. There’s also a Fokker 100 in KLM livery you can enter. It has engines at the tail. So nostalgic.


Opening hours vary. From the last Sunday of March until 30 September it’s open from 7AM until 9PM. From 1 October until the last Saturday of October from 8AM until 7PM. From the last Sunday of October until the Last Saturday of March, in Winter, it’s open from 9AM until 5PM.

Also, when it’s storming, snowing or freezing, it will be closed.

Thank you Jowell for the discovery.

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