REVIEW | Radisson Blu Malmö

In the month of April I made a week-long trip with Michel, discovering German aviation history in Friedrichshafen, Danish Railways History in Odense and navigating the sea to discover some Estonian history in Tallinn. After discovering the Danish railway history in the railway museum of Odense we continued by train to Malmö in Sweden.

Our hotel for the night was the Radisson Blu Malmö, located just a few blocks away from the central railway station. It is located in a number of different buildings, with a historic old building along the main street and a glass entrance next to it. Upon checking in we were informed that there where works on the districts heating and warm water systems and that this evening there would be no hot water available.

We continued upwards to the third floor where our room was located. The room had a very strange layout with the bathroom being in the middle of the room. The double bed was against the wall along the corridor, while a desk and seating area where located along the side of the windows, divided by the bathroom in between both parts at one side and the TV and minibar desk at the other side.

In the minibar where only the two complimentary water bottles but luckily there where tea and coffee facilities in this room. In the ward robe there was also a bathrobe and slippers for each person in the room.


The bedding itself was very comfortable with big fluffy pillows providing a good night’s sleep, alongside each side of the bed there where power plugs and USB plugs to charge your electronics. Another modern feature in this room was a Google Chromecast connected to the TV, prefect if you want to stream some YouTube or Netflix from your phone onto the TV. Unfortunately due to a recent update the Chromecast was not able to connect to the network anymore, rendering it useless. Hopefully the hotel manages to get it solved soon as it truly is a nice extra to have and a good idea for more hotels to implement.

The bathroom, despite it’s weird location in the room was very nicely appointed and featured a separated washbasin with plenty of room to put your stuff as well as a nice bathtub alongside the toilet. There where plenty of soft towels provided, and all toiletries where in small individual cointainers. The use of different colours for them looked really nice too.

The breakfast

Breakfast was served downstairs in the main restaurant, the buffet was set up in the newer main building while there was seating under a glass dome in between the main building and the historic building at the street side as well as in the downstairs area of the historic building. The seating in the historic buildings was in a darker and quieter atmosphere with a very cosy open wood fire burning.


Once again a reasonably big breakfast spread was presented, just slightly smaller than the one in Odense and offering breads and pastries of the usual hotel size. They of course had some very typical Swedish fish offerings and even some sort of very salty “caviar” from a tube.

The Radisson Blu in Malmö once again provided me with a very nice stay, despite the small annoyances caused by the lack of hot water in the evening and the non-functional google Chromecast, both which where out of the hotel’s control. For a next stay in Malmö I would definably consider the Radisson Blu again.

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