Gay pride calendar 2019

Welcome, 2019. A special year. Fifty years ago, in June 1969, patrons of The Stonewall Inn in New York grew tired of yet another raid by the police. Gay, lesbians, bisexuals and mostly: transgenders, transvestites and dragqueens fought back. Those were the Stonewall Riots.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS | Antwerp Pride 2018

On Saturday 11 August pink Antwerp in Belgium assembled at the river Scheldt for the Antwerp Pride Parade. Perfect weather conditions drew some 100,000 participants and spectators to the city centre.

Helsinki in 10 photos

Travelling on and with a cruise, you sometimes get only a few hours in a city. Surely, we had time to spare in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, but we felt we had seen what was doable.

Antwerp Pride parade route

In a month, on Saturday 11 August, Antwerp Pride 2018 culminates in the pride parade starting at 2PM. This is its route.

PHOTOS | Rainbows lit Antwerp

As a show of support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people, the City of Antwerp has organised rainbow lights on several landmarks of Antwerp.