VIDEO | Visit Hospital de Sant Pau Recinte Modernista in Barcelona

The theme of day two in Barcelona was Catalan modernism. The architecture style made famous by the likes of Antoni Gaudí i Cornet and his Sagrada Família is a trademark of Barcelona and Catalonia in Spain. But Oriol first took me to the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, nowadays known as Sant…

From Barcelona to Vigo with a Renfe Talgo 7 night train

After experiencing a Talgo 4 night train from Lisbon in Portugal to Hendaye in France, train enthusiast Jeroen decided to give the Talgo 7 night train a go from Barcelona in Catalonia to Vigo in Galicia. The Talgo trains are operated by the Spanish company Renfe. He tells Trip By Trip how it was.

Scenic destination trains in Spain

The train is not just for commuting, it can also be a travel destination or a tourist attraction in its own right. Spain offers more ‘destination trains’ you would think. Destination trains are trains you book for the experience, not to travel from A to B.