ANTWERP | Procedure for cyclists and pedestrian Scheldt Bridge to be elaborated

Following the example of the Flemish Government, the City of Antwerp council decided to further develop the procedure for the Scheldt Bridge. This is the preferred variant for an additional pedestrian and cyclist crossing of the Scheldt in the context of De Grote Verbinding (The Great Connection). If everything goes smoothly, the concrete specifications can…

2023 at the museums of Antwerp

After 2022, the City of Antwerp museums are preparing to receive visitors as well as possible in 2023 as well. The new permanent exhibition ‘Someone at home‘ opened at the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) last weekend and the Philip Aguirre exhibition in Museum Plantin-Moretus will be extended by three weeks until 19 February. 

Belgians make 4.5 million day trips to Antwerp every year

Day trips remain an important pillar of tourism in Antwerp, research by Westtoer shows. It mapped out day tourism in Belgium between 2021 and 2022. During that period, Antwerp received 4.5 million day trips by compatriots, representing a turnover of 195 million euros in the Antwerp economy.

ANTWERP | Start of the second phase of the restoration of the Sint-Jacobskerk

Now that the west side is ready, work will also start on the east side of the Sint-Jacobskerk or St. James’ Church in Antwerp on 7 November. The roofs and facades, stained glass windows, interior walls and vaults will be thoroughly overhauled. The complete restoration is foreseen in the course of 2027.

Rainbow zebra crossing in Berchem

The Antwerp district of Berchem – where I grew up – has now its own rainbow zebra crossing. I noticed it recently, walking in the Grotesteenweg (Great Causeway or Grande Chaussée), also known as the N1, at the crossing with the Driekoningenstraat (Magi Street) and Berchem District Hall. 

Inside the KMSKA or Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

I wanted to write “it’s with much anticipation I finally entered the renovated KMSKA“. But that would be a lie. The opening of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (RMFAA or KMSKA) was advertised as being on 24 and 25 September, with 23 September reserved for neighbours. But no, the whole week was filled…