Geographic Centre of the European Union of the 15

April 2021. As COVID-19 still rages and we still live under coronavirus countermeasures, Oriol and I were looking fore hiking trails. As a long-time follower of Denzil‘s Discovering Belgium, I looked for inspiration on his hiking and nature blog and settled for ‘A 23 km hike around Viroinval‘. 

Namur, its citadel and its Téléphérique or cable car

In May 2021 the new Téléphérique de Namur was inaugurated, linking downtown Namur – called La Corbeille (The Basket) with the Citadel of Namur. A perfect excuse for Danny and I to travel to the capital of the Province of Namur and of Wallonia. 

Bouillon, more than its castle

Oh no, I turned 40 in June. For years I escaped Belgium for my birthday. I even managed to do so last year, in between COVID-19 related leisure travel lockdowns, visiting my sister Florence in Switzerland. This year leaving the Realm proved to be very impractical. But Danny, his boyfriend Sam, Oriol and myself booked…