Josaphat Park and residential Schaerbeek

Yes, even in 2021 we still lived in pandemic times. Seeing friends means having walks. Bram lives in the Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek) borough of Brussels and in January he took me to Josaphat Park and residential Schaerbeek. 

Borsbeek to become Antwerp’s 10th district

The municipal governments of Borsbeek and Antwerp have decided to start merger talks. The intention is that Borsbeek will become the tenth district of the City of Antwerp on 1 January 2025. An intensive process will now run until the end of 2023, in which the benefits for all residents will be analyzed and administrative…

Brussels’ Senne Park

When Thanh and I planned an outing to Brussels for the Senne Park, the Pannenhuis Park also known as L28 Park and the Maritime Station, the weather forecast announced snow (!), then rain but in the end the weather gods were clement and it was dry and sometime sunny. The date was 11 April 2021.