VIDEO | Queen Elizabeth II Talks about Wearing the Crown

On Sunday at 8PM British time and 9PM European Continental Time you can watch ‘The Coronation‘ on BBC One. It’s a documentary about the British ceremony of coronation of a king or a queen and the Crown Jewels.

The Coronation‘ is a must-see documentary as Her Majesty The Queen herself was interviewed. The Royal Family posted two short videos on YouTube as a teaser. We can see Queen Elizabeth II has become an old lady, which is not surprising as she’s 91!

I visited the Tower of London back in 2013. It was one of my solo trips. I remember the entrance fee being high but absolutely worth it. The Crown Jewels are displayed in such way you can have a good look at them. You pass by on a transportband.

I’ll be in London in June. I might go back to the Tower.

Anyway, this was a short post to remind you of watching ‘The Coronation’ on BBC One, on Sunday the 14th of January at 9PM (Belgian Time).

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