Uninspired by Los Angeles


After Chicago, the California Zephyr, San Francisco, Sacramento, Vancouver, Seattle, and the Coast Starlight we ended our 2016 America Tour in Los Angeles.

I remember at first we planned a week in LA but many people quickly told us no. A day or three would be enough.

So we planned three days. The first for LA itself, the second for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. In between a ‘transfer day’.


We started the day with Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well well, what a sad looking neighbourhood, outside the half mile of movie theaters and tourists. We took many photos but we were done quickly.


On to The Grove

The Grove is an open air shopping mall and entertainment center with stores, theaters and restaurant. At the time Danny and I were avid YouTube watchers an The Grove seems to be a hotspot.

We had lunch and we didn’t know what to do next.


So we decided to go to Universal Studios.

Universal Studios

At Universal Studios we bought fast pass tickets. We didn’t have much daytime left and being October, the park closed earlier to prepare for the Halloween themed night.


These fast passes were very expensive. Over US$ 100 per person. But we were so glad we did. We did the studio tour, which a fun activity and four or five attractions.

We did a ‘Harry Potter‘ virtual reality ride, a ‘The Simpsons‘ themed simulated rollercoaster, a ‘Jurassic Park‘ themed water attraction and something wit ‘Minions‘.

So although it was very expensive, the fast pass was totally worth it.

Disney Day

After Universal we a ‘tranfer day’ to Anaheim. We spent the day at the pool and at the Disney Village near the parks.

The next day we did Disney. We started early at Disneyland. As we stayed at an official hotel, Paradise Pier, we got an one hour head start on others. We chose to start with the ‘Indiana Jones‘ ride. We did almost every attraction at Disneyland, except the one for the smallest children.


There’s no easy fast pass system so we just tried to be strategic. Waiting lines were doable.

Another story across the road at California Adventures. Every top attraction had 2 hour + waiting lines. So we waited for the water attraction but we chose not to do the top rides such as ‘Cars‘ or the ‘Tower of Terror‘.


If we ever go back, we’ll just do two mornings and do something else in the afternoon.


So, well, yes. We weren’t inspired by LA. Sorry. It’s just not our cup of tea.


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  1. Admin says:

    I hate to break it to you, but you really didn’t see LA. Instead you went to two theme parks, a theme park-esque mall and a tacky tourist district many Angelenos avoid. Better luck next time.


    1. Timothy says:

      It’s true. There were many things we could have done. But we weren’t inspired.

      As neither of us can drive getting somewhere was also very limited.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Admin says:

        Fair point. It is a challenge, but the metro now connects from downtown to Santa Monica.

        Liked by 1 person

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