REVIEW | Holiday Inn Turin City Centre

After our scenic rail trip from the coast winding up through the mountains we arrived at the Torino Porta Nuova railway station, where our hotel the Holiday Inn Turin City Centre was located right next to. After exiting the side exit we only had to cross the street before we reached the entrance of our hotel. After a swift professional and friendly check-in we received the room keys.

The Room

Our room was located on the 4th floor, right opposite the elevator bank. Upon entering we saw a clean and well composed room. The big window had some exterior shutters to keep the light and heat outside. The room had two single beds, a desk, a flat screen TV, a minibar with only water and of course some coffee and tea facilities. Remarkably the bed was still made with old fashioned sheets and blankets instead of a duvet you mostly see nowadays. The entire room clearly was a design masterpiece when the hotel first opened in the 1990’s, with even a central control panel next to the bed controlling everything in the room including a do not disturb function. However in the years since it has not received much in terms of a refurbishment or update and you can clearly see this by the wear and tear and overall tired look of the room. The air-conditioning was also very load and kept making a sissing sound even when turned off, luckily the beds where comfortable to sleep in so we could still get some rest.


The bathroom also bathed in a typical 1990’s style, while the toilet and washbasin where kept very clean you could see the wear and tear. The shower however clearly had its best time. It originally was a massage shower with several different functions, of which none still worked, only the hand held shower head still sprayed water. Clearly housekeeping tried it’s best to keep it clean but there where rust stains and other dirt stains caused by year of constant use. Even more than the bedroom the bathroom could do with a thorough refurbishment and a replacement of the “massage” shower by a more simple modern shower, possibly a rain shower, with and easier to clean and maintain design.


The breakfast

The breakfast was served in the restaurant on the ground level, the main seating area was a bit bare and the choice of seating made it look more like a school canteen. The buffet was set up in the former interior courtyard under a glass dome. It had a few hot options such as fried eggs and sausages but the rest of the offer was cold. You had some cold cuts and cheeses, yoghurt, some bread, different types of cakes and pies and of course the ubiquitous Italian breakfast pastries, mostly consisting of croissants filled with all types of different fillings. To drink there were some tea, coffee and juice machines and if you whished you could have an Italian coffee made to order.


On the top level of the hotel there where also some fitness and spa facilities, but these had to be paid for at a fee of €15 for each use.

All in all the Holiday Inn Turin City Centre had a very convenient location and very friendly and professional staff. However it is in dire need of a thorough refresh and upgrade to bring it back up to date. In the meantime it is an ok hotel to stay at given location and if the price is good.

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