REVIEW | Aegean lounges in Athens Airport

Aegean Business Lounge Area A Extra Schengen

The lounge in the A gates area is the smaller of both Aegean business lounges in Athens Airport, located in the far end of the A Area after walking through a long prison like corridor. It was only recently opened and caters to the Aegean and Star Alliance flights to International destinations outside of the Schengen area.


Despite its small size it does offer three types of seating, a ‘dining area’ with tables and chairs separated by some partitions engraved with the Aegean logo from an area featuring different types of sofas and coffee or side tables.


Along the side you enter the lounge there is a buffet featuring all different types of Greek inspired snacks and sandwiches.


A soup is offered as a hot item. You also have different types of wines and a coffee machine up on the counter.


Water, soft drinks and Greek yoghurts can be found in the refrigerator below the table top. The smoothies in the refrigerator are delicious and you really should try them!


The lounge is equipped with a toilet, but literally only 1 toilet cubicle and no urinals for the male restrooms creating a line on busy moments when several flights leave at the same time.

The lounge is small and crowded, but it does offer everything you need for the short-haul operations Aegean has.

Aegean Business Lounge Area B Intra Schengen

The B gated lounge is the flagship lounge of Aegean Airlines and is significantly larger than their lounge at the A gates. The interior design is mostly the same, just spread out over a larger area.


Food and beverage wise it’s just a copy of the other lounge.


Toilet facilities are a bit larger here, featuring both 1 toilet cubicle and 2 urinals for the male restrooms.


Lufthansa Business Lounge

Right next to the Aegean lounge in the B Area is the Lufthansa lounge, sporting the typical Lufthansa design.


The lounge is divided in two by the centrally located kitchen. The right side contains a beverage bar, some lounge chairs and a work area. The left side contains tables and chairs and the Food buffet.


The Food and beverage offer is vastly superior to the Aegean lounges, offering a number of hot options as well as a salad bar, sandwiches and a separate Greek dessert trolley.


The biggest downsides of the Lufthansa lounge are its small size, making it easily overcrowded and hard to find a seat, a very slow WiFi network and the lack of toilets. If you need a toilet break, you have to go outside and use the public toilets in the terminal, which is a bit of a shame for a lounge.

The lounges in Athens Airport are all good to use if you have access to them, and deciding which one to use will mostly depend on where you are flying and what you want.

If you fly extra Schengen, you only have the option of the Aegean A Area lounge, inside Schengen you can choose between Aegean and Lufthansa. The Lufthansa lounge is the better pick if you prefer to eat and drink something while the Aegean lounge will offer you some more space and calm to relax or work.

Have you used the lounges in Athens Airport? Which one is your favourite?


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