Exploring Venice, Italy in half a day and a night


Before Steve and I were to check-in on board MSC Sinfonia for an East Mediterranean cruise, we had half a day in Venice, Italy. We maximised our time.

We stayed at Hotel Casanova near Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square. After  checking-in we went to see San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale from the outside. We didn’t ‘waist’ time going inside. Sorry.


Then we went to La Fenice, a holy place for opera and ballet lovers.


Follow the guide?

After La Fenice we found our way to the Rialto Bridge. Finding your way in Venice is problematic. Steve’s guidebook wasn’t great help. Luckily gps worked fine.


Steve and I did try to follow described walking tours from the guide but after many, many frustrating trials we just used the gps to walk on San Polo island.

After dinner next to La Fenice we had a ‘Venice by night’ stroll.



There are signs in Venice. Many of them actually. Most signs tel you the way to Piazza San Marco, to Rialto and to Ferrovia (the railway station).

There are two types of signs: professional signs and those made by the citizens who are fed up with answering the question “which way to…?”.

I made a montage of our day in Venice.

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  1. Venice is one of the best places to be lost in : ) It was my very first international trip and I didn’t have a GPS – when I asked for directions, I was always told to go straight, but there is no ‘straight’ in Venice!

    Fortunately I had a little more time than you did. The Doge’s Palace was a treasure, as was the Basilica: https://augustphoenixhats.com/three-days-in-venice/

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    1. Timothy says:

      That’s true. Now on every corner there are homemade signs to point the way to San Marco, Rialto and the railway stations.

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