REVIEW | Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol

As Timothy and I felt like taking a weekend break to end the year, we decided to go for a weekend in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Getting there wasn’t the easiest, it’s too far to go by train for just a weekend so we needed to find suitable flights. Direct flights from Brussels where rather expensive and had an unattractive schedule, so we opted for flights leaving from Amsterdam in the early morning.

An early morning departure from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport meant that we would be staying the night near Schiphol, as it was only a short night we decided to go for a more basic and cheaper hotel, opting for a stay at the Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol.

The hotel is located in the community of Hoofddorp, a recent planned Dutch town just one stop on the railway line south of Schiphol. The Holiday Inn Express is only a short walk away from the train station (especially when you exit/enter through the smaller northern exit/entrance opposed to the main one) and the frequent Sprinter services give you a good connection to and from the airport.

You can also use the complimentary hotel airport shuttle service, but it only runs every 40 minutes so it might not fit perfectly into your plans.


The hotel itself is a concrete mid-rise building of the late 1980’s, just like the other hotels and offices around it and does not have a very remarkable design. The interior has been refurbished and it up to the modern day Holiday Inn Express design standards. The main lobby has a check-in desk with adjacent bar and ample seating options.


There is also a wall with vending machines, providing 24/7 drink and snack options. The restaurant offers a dining service in the evening until 10PM and serves a complimentary breakfast in the morning from 6AM.


Check-in was very swift and friendly, we were given a stroopwaffle as a welcome offer and our room was located on the third floor.

The room was as you would expect it to be, two separate beds, a small desk area, a TV some storage to put your stuff and a kettle to make tea or coffee. The beds where comfortable but the size of pillows was a bit awkward and we did not manage to figure out what was the best position to put them in to sleep. Only the bed by the window had a power plug next to it, the other person had to make do without charging his necessary electronics overnight.


The bathroom was reasonably sized with a wonderful shower (that did not flood the bathroom while using it). There were also different sizes of good quality towels, the toiletries consisted just of some big fixed squeeze bottles of Dove all-in-one type of products (which are rather good for these type of products).


The room and especially the bathroom felt more upscale than a similar market segment Ibis hotel with its plastic bathrooms, which is a bonus.

In the morning breakfast was only served from 6:00 on, so when we had to leave the hotel at around 5:30 AM they were only just starting setting up the buffet which looked good for a complimentary one and included some typical Dutch sugar sprinkles.


As we mentioned we would be checking-out early when we checked-in we were proactively offered the option of having a take-away breakfast bag the following morning and we gladly took op this offer.

The bag was ready for us in the morning and contained a number of bakery items both ‘fresh’ and pre-packaged, some jam and butter, a yoghurt and an apple. They also added a napkin and some plastic cutlery so we could eat the contents en route. The content was more than sufficient and of good quality and it definably is as big bonus that the hotel offers such a service when you have an early morning departure.


All in all the Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol offered a solid product and a polished service for a budget hotel and it is a good option when you have to stay near the airport for a flight. Next time we fly from Schiphol we will consider staying here again.

What is your experience with airport hotels and how do you rate them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Marla says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve booked a 1 night stay at the nearby Ibis that you mentioned but am considering switching to this hotel. Just curious, is there a second power outlet somewhere in the room to use? Or is it just the one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danny says:

      We had one outlet near the bed, one near the desk and another under the “wardrobe” area, there was also an outlet for the watercooker and one in the bathroom
      You wont run short on power there

      Liked by 1 person

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