Last day, check-out and disembarking from MSC Cruises

After Florence and Venice, Steve and I embarked on our East Mediterranean cruise on board MSC Sinfonia. The cruise took us from Venice in Italy to Split in Croatia, Santorini in Greece, Dubrovnik, Ancona and back to Venice. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Mykonos.

Every trip comes to an end and the same is true with this cruise.

After a dreadful experience on day 1, we were wary of the last day and disembarkation. From our previous cruise – the Baltic Sea with Royal Caribbean in 2018 – Steve and I knew to pack the evening before disembarkation.


This was only communicated very late, on ‘packing day’ itself. We received tags for our bags and for ourselves. Although the official communication spoke of a sticker, we only received bag tags. So we used those.

On disembarkation day, some would stick those use tags on their clothes. We made wristbands out of them.

Disembarkation breakfast was a normal affair as every day except room service was not possible. Anyway, that was better organised than on Royal Caribbean.


Waiting game

Afterwards we had to go to the Manhattan Bar and wait, wait wait. The clock was ticking because we had a flight to catch.

There was a delay, but all in all it was fine. After leaving the ship we could collect our baggage easily and go to the shuttle buses to the Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo.

There MSC staff pointed the way.

So yes. Checking-out was definitely a better experience than checking-in.


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