CORONAVIRUS | Belgian travel influencers see a restart of travel abroad in September 2020

33% of Belgian travel influencers think travelling outside Belgium will be possible in September 2020. 15% estimate a bit later this year. 9% think only in 2021. 33% hope(d) to travel this summer. 10% even thought spring 2020 was a possibility.

Sound of C, the organiser of the Belgian Travel Blog Awards, surveyed 56 travel influencers and bloggers on the effects of coronavirus COVID-19 on travel blogging and travelling in general.

41.1% saw one to two trips cancelled already. 44.6% three to four. 35.7% had one or two trips in partnership with the industry planned. 23.2% three to four trips. So 58.9% saw a sponsored or press trip cancelled. 33.9% of the cancelled trips were not sponsored.

55.4% had no paid-for campaign cancelled.

Influence on blogging

50% says the virus had little influence on blog content or social media posts. 44.6% says “yes, absolutely”.

21.8% blogs or posts as much as before corona. 30.9% a little less and 20% a lot less. 18.2% a little more and 9.1% a lot more.


82.1% adapts its content. 44.6 “absolutely”, 37.5% “a bit”. 17.9% does not. 98.2% did it on his or her own initiative.

30% blogs and posts about online travel experience possibilities. 30% gives sat-at-home tips. 17% chose another tone of voice. 14% focuses on Belgium.

Not us

If you’re wondering: Trip By Trip wasn’t asked. That’s very okay. We don’t mingle and socialize. We’re terrible at it. We just travel and blog about our travels.

But yes, we did adapt. Danny is reminiscing about train trips a while ago. I have been blogging about the effects of the coronavirus crisis. We added some kind of disclaimer to our posts about our Australia-Pacific trip.

We’ve been blogging more but reviewing less. So yes, this blog is different at the moment.

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