Josaphat Park and residential Schaerbeek

Yes, even in 2021 we still lived in pandemic times. Seeing friends means having walks. Bram lives in the Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek) borough of Brussels and in January he took me to Josaphat Park and residential Schaerbeek. 

ANTWERP | Red Star Line Museum of (e)migration

January 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic is still very present, as are coronavirus countermeasures. Museums are open though. So I found it appropriate to visit the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp. The subjects? The Red Star Line, migration and emigration, travel and hygiene and diseases. Topical, don’t you think? 

Utrecht 2021

July 2021. A week after my Eindhoven escapade featuring the DAF Museum and a night at Hotel Mariënhage, I travelled to Utrecht for a culinary weekend with Steve. At that time, the Netherlands were very liberal concerning coronavirus countermeasures. That was both concerning and liberating at the time. 

Darklands 2022 hints at postponement  

In a New Year’s message, Darklands master Jeroen Van Lievenoogen hints at a postponement of the 2022 edition. Not unrealistic, with the COVID-19 pandemic still very present and the omicron variant a party pooper.

2022: continuation or progress? 

On January 1st, 2021 we wrote “2021 a fresh start or a transition year?“. It seems like neither of those. A fresh start? Not really. 2020 and 2021 felt very similar. Transition? It implies 2022 would be like 2019. And that seems unlikely. Unfortunately, in 2022 COVID-19 will remain the main talking point.