My first big rail trip part 3: the Flåm line

Back in a pre-corona 2012 I got inspired by my friend Erik to make an epic rail trip through a part of Europe. I persuaded my best friend to tag along and together we decided to head north, to Scandinavia, to a part of Europe we both hadn’t visited yet and where fascinated about.

On our way back from Bergen to Oslo to continue our tour through Scandinavia, we decided to make a sidetrip on the Flåm line. It’s a small and steep railway line running between the station of Myrdal along the Oslo to Bergen line at the top of the valley at 863,6 meters above sea level all the way down to Flåm at the bottom at 2 meters above sea level.

The entire line is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a famous tourist attraction. As we travelled by train we made the Myrdal – Flåm – Myrdal trip up, down and back up again.

Most people however arrive by boat and make the trip upwards from Flåm and back down. At Flåm there is a big station including a small museum about the line, telling about its history and construction and having some old trains used on the line on display.

The train used on the line consist of older B3 coaches, most refurbished with a new denser interior specifically for the Flåm line. On the way down we had the luck of boarding an older coach with an original long distance interior and reclining seats. All trains are operated in a sandwich with El. 17 locomotives top and tailing the formations.

Along the way you get breathtaking views over the fjord as you wind your way up and down. Along the way the train also makes a stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall, where they also stage a special performance of Norwegian mythical characters.


My ride on the Flåm line is still one of the most spectacular rides I had on a train in my life and I can still vividly remember it today, 8 years later. It is a must see if you are ever in the region, even if it might be a bit too touristy nowadays. Have you visited? And what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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