I visited Oslo on two occasions, first on a weekend city trip with Glenn in 2011 and a second time when making my big rail trip around Scandinavia in 2012. On both occasions I fell in love with the city and it certainly would not be a punishment to visit again.

Some of the highlights of the city include the royal palace and its park.


The famous city hall with its fresco.

The old castle in the harbour.

The very picturesque opera house, with the roof you can walk on.

The newly developed area of Aker Brygge with some lovely restaurants.

A bit out of the centre I also visited the technology museum, featuring some old aircraft and trains as well as some more displays about the history of technology and the daily life in Norway. 

I took a boat across the water to the Viking Ship museum.


And of course the Vigeland Park with its famous sculptures.  

Oslo also boasts one of the very few metro lines that actually takes you up a mountain with a panoramic view over the city.

Overall I like the city of Oslo, it’s small and walkable but has a rich history and a various different areas with all their own look and feel to it.

Have you been to Oslo and what did you think of it?

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