Virtual 360° tour of the Royal Palace in Brussels

Usually you can visit the Royal Palace of Brussels. Not so this year. But the offices of HM Philippe, King of the Belgians have produced a virtual 360° tour of the palace.

The Royal Palace is located on the Place des Palais / Paleizenplein (Palaces Square) in the heart of Brussels. It is the King’s administrative residence and main workplace.

Start the virtual tour here.

Brussels v Laeken

The home of the King and his family is the Royal Palace of Laeken. Brussels is the office and de iure residence, as is the St. James’ Palace in London for Queen Elizabeth II. Although she mostly lives and works in Buckingham Palace.

The Palace is where His Majesty the King exercises his prerogatives as Head of State, grants audiences and deals with affairs of state. Apart from the offices of the King and the Queen, the Royal Palace houses the services of the Grand Marshal of the Court, the King’s Head of Cabinet, the Head of the King’s Military Household and the Intendant of the King’s Civil List. The Palace also includes the State Rooms where large receptions are held, as well as the apartments provided for foreign Heads of State during official visits.

When he was an unmarried prince, Philippe used to live in Brussels.

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