Bearhunting in Bern

Bern or Berne is the federal city (i.e. capital) of Switzerland. I visited once, but missed the bears in the bear pit as it was winter and too cold for our furry friends. I did see them this time. As we didn’t stay for the night, I didn’t spot the other type of bear. Wink…

Exploring Melbourne CBD

Early 2020 AD. Danny and I embark on a 21st century Odyssey. On the Majestic Princess from Sydney to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. Back to Sydney, then to Melbourne and flying back home.

2 hours in Valkenburg

When the borders reopened in June, my good friend Michel proposed to go on a weekend break together. After some googling around we found a nice property in the Dutch province of Limburg to provide us with a stay in a unique setting and a gastronomic dinner.