Enjoying the Club Suite in InterContinental Malta

After a wonderful stay at InterContinental Malta two years ago, I have been eager to go back. Last November the chance for another visit presented itself and off I was. After a smooth flight on Air Malta I arrived at the hotel and was escorted to the Club Lounge for a personal check-in.

Flying Air Malta

Originally I had planned a trip to Jordan during my week off in November, but during the course of the year my plans changed and I opted for a trip back to InterContinental Malta instead.

A couple of days in Malta

Danny wrote I had been lyrical about my Malta trip. I do have fond memories of the island. I went for five or six days in April 2016 as embedded journalist to cover the Mister Gay World 2016 contest.

HOTEL REVIEW | InterContinental Malta

After a smooth flight on Lufthansa we were swiftly transferred from the airport to the hotel. Upon arrival our bags were handled by the hotel staff while we were brought straight up to the Club lounge (because we had booked a club room) where we would be checked in while having a drink. This probably…

Flying Lufthansa to Malta

Introduction Last year my friend Michel and I decided we wanted to have a weekend soaking up some early Spring sun to get rid of our winter blues. Since I never had been to Malta before, and Timothy was so lyrical about his experience there, we decided to jet off to the small island in…