PHOTOS | Pink ruby chocolate in Belgium


It has arrived. Selected shops will sell ruby chocolate in Belgium. It’s widespread distribution is planned for April, buts some selected shops already have it.

I ordered my batch in Japan. Nestlé sells ruby KitKat chocolate biscuits online. It cost me 75 euros plus 33 euros custom taxes. Hurray. Not. The package included two boxes of ruby KitKats and two bags of green tea KitKats.

By the way, don’t call ruby chocolate pink. Pink sill is a controversial colour. It’s associated with gay, being effeminate a baby an/or soft. And marketingwise Callebaut wants to appeal even to homophobes. But it’s definitely pink. There, I said it.

And the taste? It’s sweet, closer to white chocolate than milk or pure dark chocolate. It tastes nice. But at this point is more of a gimmick than something else.


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