A return trip by train to ‘exotic’ places for only 150 euros


Even though booking train tickets online can be quite a hassle, there are possibilities to travel by train to far flung places like Ukraine, Belarus and Northern Sweden for €150 or less, as written by Treinreiziger.nl .

They had launched a competition, ‘Kilometer kampioenwedstrijd 2018’, in which you could enter and had to try to create your own return train trip for €150 or less at the end of June and as far away from the Netherlands as possible.

The winner created a return trip from Vlissingen (Flushing) in the Netherlands to Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, 2488 kilometers, for just short of €130. It took him quite a while to puzzle it together as he used 5 different ticket websites to get the cheapest tickets.

The second winner was a trip from Den Helder to Reggio Di Calabria in Italy, contrary to the trip to Ukraine this trip is bookable on one site, like TheTrainLine.

Treinreiziger.nl will release some more travel plans on their site in the coming days, so make sure to check them out!

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