REVIEW | Hotel Aquavenice

After a wonderful cruising experience, we had one last night in Venice. This time we stayed at Aquavenice, located on an different island to our previoud hotel stay at Villa Rosa. The hotel was run by the Lovely Elena and here sister. The building was very anonymous from the outside with only a front door at the street side and no signage. But inside it was a haven of tranquility.


The room was sufficiently big, decorated in a classical style. The bathroom was also basic but had everything you needed.



The most interesting aspect was the breakfast. Because the hotel did not have a breakfast room your breakfast was provided in your room. You had a kettle with some instant coffees and teas for your morning drink and some prepackaged toasts, cookies and cream-filled croissants to eat. This was realtively sober and small but sufficient to start the day:



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