Hotel At Six in Stockholm, Sweden

After landing at Bromma we took a taxi to Hotel At Six at Brunkebergstor 6. This centrally located, hip and stylish hotel is perfect place to explore Stockholm.

Architecture and interior design

Shades of blacks and grey dominate the hotel, as the corridor on the ninth floor illustrates. As you can expect, everything is very Swedish / Scandinavian with geometric lines and shapes.


The room

The room oozes the same atmosphere. A large bed, plenty of storage space, multiple outlets. But not at the bedside. No bath but a shower. The room is up to the standards of a four-star hotel.

The gym

To get to the gym, you need to go through the wings of the hotel. It seems like the gym is the garage. While the infrastructure is fine, with toilets, showers, a sauna and while you do get water, fruit and towels, we were somewhat disappointed with the gym equipment. There was no step machine for instance.

The breakfast

On the fifth floor – the ground floor is on the fourth – you can have breakfast. You must wait to be seated and waiters will come for your hot drinks order. But you can refill your coffee yourself. Not a a machine but just from a coffee pot.

The buffet has a large variety of food, from Swedish and international pastries; through meat and cheese; English breakfast-style sausages, potatoes, tomatoes, scrambled eggs; a salad bar, yoghurts and cereals, juices, normal and vegan milk…

In conclusion

If not outstanding, Hotel At Six gets good marks on every aspect. A serious option for your visit to Stockholm, with its location and decent service as main advantages.

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