PHOTOS & VIDEO | From Brussels to Stockholm Bromma with Brussels Airlines and a Sukhoi SSJ100


Apparently, Brussels Airlines is tired of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 it uses for some European flight. So I was lucky to fly with a SSJ100 from Brussels Airport in Belgium to Stockholm Bromma Airport in Sweden.

Sukhoi SSJ100 jets are rare in Europe. SN rents for Sukhois from CityJet.The plane is small so it’s perfect for the adorably urban airport of Bromma.

Departure at Zaventem, as Belgians call Brussels Airport, was smooth. Sure it was crowded at 8AM, but nothing unusual to report.

I’m afraid I haven’t much to report on the flight. Flight SN2303 departed a bit late due to late servicing of the toilets. It landed a bit late after a flight of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. As with all short flights catering was to be paid for.

The Sukhoi

And the plane? It hasn’t a peculiarity to make it stand out. Which is a shame. Seats are hard. Leg room is ok. There were two flight attendants attending travellers.

So what can I offer you? Images. Here are photos of the Sukhoi SSJ100 and a video of the plane landing at Bromma.


Bromma is a cute airport. You touch down and go on the tarmac to a little semi open air tunnel leading to the terminal. It’s small and convenient. Transport to and from is less. There is a airport shuttle bus, the Flygbusssarna.

We tried the tram, but it’s far away. Plus we couldn’t buy tickets. You have to use the SL app and to confirm your payment you need your card reader from home. What’s wrong with PayPal? So we ended taking a taxi.


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