VIDEO | Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix Circuit in Hanoi: “same, same, but different”


In 2020, the Formula 1 championship will travel to Hanoi for the Vietnam Grand Prix. The news has been confirmed and the track has been presented.

I was in Hanoi in 2009. Yes, almost ten years ago. I remember Hanoi being very busy. The most popular mode of transport is the motorcycle. Crossing a street on foot is hazardous. The (not so) secret is crossing at a regular pace and mopeds and other cycles will swirl around you.


Same, same

Vietnam is know for its copies and counterfeit. They are proud of that: you can buy ‘Same, Same. But Different‘ t-shirts everywhere.

The same seems true for the proposed track lay-out. According to Autosport it will copy corners from the Nürburgring in Germany, Monte-Carlo in Monaco, Sepang in Malaysia and Suzuka in Japan.

Same, same, but different.



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