Half a day tour of Trier in Germany


Scott, Ivan, Danny and myself found a weekend to go an adventure together. We decided to go to Trier in Germany. We spent half a day there.

Trier, known as Trêves in French, was founded during the Roman Empire and known as Augusta Treverorum. Imperial Roman edifices are main attractions in Trier: the Porta Nigra, the Constantine Basilica, the Trier Amphitheater and the Trier Imperial Baths.


We started the day early in our hometown of Antwerp in Belgium. From there we took a train to Brussels and then to Luxembourg. In Luxembourg we took a CFL train to Trier Hauptbahnhof.

Interestingly, the CFL train, a Stadler KISS, was coupled to a DB Süwex branded Stadler FLIRT. Together, the EMUs would continue to Koblenz.



Trier is a very walkable city. After walking to the Porta Nigra and St. Gangolf’s Church, we went to the Karl Marx House, where the father of communism was born. It’s nowadays an interesting museum dedicated to his life and works and communism as a philosophy and political system.


Afterwards we walked to the Baths but didn’t go inside as it was too warm and sunny. Passing the Electoral Palace or Kurfürstliches Palais, we admired the Constantine Basilica. As a mass was going on, we couldn’t enter. We could enter the Dom St. Peter. That was the last part of our quick tour of Trier.

There’s more to see and do, obviously.

Wine and dine

We enjoyed a wine at Weinstube Kesselstatt near the Dom and later had very German(ic) food at the Bitburger Wirtshaus.

Eating can be very cheap in Germany and portions are large. The menu was very Germanic and I had Bratwurstschnecke or grilled sausages with Trierer Teerdisch.


It was my second time in Trier and I enjoyed walking through town. It wiuldn’t be a punishment going back.

Have you been to Trier? What is your experience there?

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  1. pedmar10 says:

    Love it there always Nice over thé years. Plenty in my blog on it.

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