Goodbye Thomas Cook 1841-2019

After recent financial struggles the British touroperating company Thomas Cook was forced to declare bankruptcy on the 23th september of 2019. It was founded in 1841 and started by organising trips to the seaside for British industrial workers, this was followed in 1855 by the first organised tours to Europe.

The company thus became one of the first to organise package holidays and helped to create mass tourism as we know it today.

Throughout the years the company has changed ownership several times and expanded its portfolio by taking over and creating new brands all over the world. The most visible aspect of the group have probably been the airlines (Thomas Cook Airlines and Condor).

In Belgium the name Thomas Cook entered the market when it merged the All Seasons and Sunsnacks brands into one and sold them as Thomas Cook as well as the introduction of its own airline in 2002 (until it was sold to Brussels Airlines in 2017).

Personally I travelled a lot with Thomas Cook package holiday in my teenage years together with my parents and I will always have some very positive and happy memories of my travels with them.

Belgian travellers having booked a package holiday with Thomas Cook will still be able to continue their trip thanks to the ‘Travel Guarantee Fund‘, an insurance that guarantees your trip.

What the future will bring is still unclear as the travel sector is currently undergoing big changes. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook leaves the TUI Group as one of the remaining other big package holiday companies, will this affect pricing or the market share of package holidays? We are ar the beginning of a new era, that is for sure.

What where your experiences travelling with Thomas Cook? And what is your view on the future of package holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I actually cannot believe it. I remember going into Thomas Cook and bringing all the brochures home, dreaming and planning where my next holiday would be. I understand why it has happened, the internet and the ease of booking online.

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    1. Danny says:

      I guess we are at the dawn of a new era, but I still miss the browsing through the paper brochures at times


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