3 + 2 ways to escape the (over)crowds in Florence (Firenze), Italy


In July 2019, Steve and I embarked on an East Mediterranean cruise on board MSC Sinfonia. We would visit Venice, Split, Santorini, Mykonos, Dubrovnik and Ancona. But our first stop was Florence.

Yes, Florence is overtouristicated. It’s not a word but for the sake of this post it is.

So let me offer three plus two ways not to be bothered by the maddening crowds.

1: Go to the Uffizi

What? One of Florence’s top attractions? Well, a ticket for the Uffizi is 16 euros. Which is a high enough price so it seems to deter casual tourists. Only the ones who are interested will go inside. Steve and I felt the crowds were okay in the museum.


2: Don’t skip Oltrarno


Oltrarno is the neighbourhood beyond the river Arno, hence its name. The more you distance yourself from the shore, the less tourists you will find.

Book, yes bóók, table at Il Santo Bevitore.

3: The National Archaeological Museum of Florence

The Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze was inaugurated in the presence of king Victor Emmanuel II in 1870 in the buildings of the Cenacolo di Fuligno on Via Faenza. In 1880 the museum was transferred to its present building.

The museum has Etruskan, Roman, Greek and Egyptian artifacts. Highlights comprise the Chimera of Arezzo and the impressive numismatic (coin) collection.


I: Book in advance

It’s 2019 for Jupiter’s sake. There’s no excuse not to book your museum tickets and good restaurants in advance. We didn’t book tickets for the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze featuring Michelangelo‘s original ‘David’ so we didn’t get in.


There’s no point crying over spilled milk.

II: Get over it

Yes, you’re not alone. Don’t make a fuss about it. Mentally ignore it. You’ll be fine.

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