Free Antwerp walking tours with the Antwerp Museum App

The Antwerp Museum App provides walking tours of Antwerp. Recently the ‘V-bomb walking tour‘ was launched.

In October 1944 the German armed forces started a mid-range missile campaign against Antwerp with V-1 and V-2 rockets. A two-hour walking tour of 5 km leads you to the bomb sites. Every location is accompanied by videos and texts. It is thorough and easy to follow the route. 


The app is available in Dutch, French, English, Italian and Spanish. Not every tour is translated though. The ‘Wandeling V-bommen‘ isn’t but others are, including ‘Madonna meets Mad Meg‘, ‘The Jewish persecution in Antwerp during WWII‘ and a ‘Sculpture Trail‘.

The app is free. You can download the tours so you don’t need to be online to use the app.  Just look for ‘Antwerp Museum App’ in your App Store or Google Play

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