A quick exploration of The Hague

The Hague is the political capital of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. It houses the Binnenhof parliament complex, ministries, the royal office building Noordeinde Palace and the Council of State.

Other sights worth seeing are Plein (‘Square‘), the Mauritshuis museum, Bredius Museum, Museum De Gevangenpoort, the old and new City Hall buildings etcetera.


For the Vredespaleis or Peace Palace you have to leave the city center. If you’re in The Hague for more than a day, consider going to the seaside of The Hague called Scheveningen.

City center

I was in The Hague for Open Monuments’ Day. I ddn’t stay long but did enter the Royal Waiting Room at Den Haag HS and the Council of State.

The Hague is very walkable. It’s a charming town. Less fuss than Amsterdam.

Because I was there on Open Monuments’ Day and it was close to Prinsjesdag (Princes’ Day) there was a cavalry and artillery demonstration. Spectacular.



The Hague is very versatile as destination. You can soak up the mood in a few hours or spend a few days roaming its sites and museums.

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