2020: near, far, where-ever we are

2020. Here it is. This year, after some two years of researching for good prices and interesting destinations, we’re literally embarking on an Odyssey.

This year, we fly to Sydney in Australia and cruise for two weeks in the South Sea. We sail to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. We then sail back to Sydney, fly to Melbourne, travel back by rail to Sydney and fly home.

This little paragraph you just read took quite some planning. We booked the cruise a whopping eighteen months in advance. The flights were booked some eleven months in advance.

That’s how we, Danny and Timothy, function. In our minds, we are already preparing 2021 and 2022. Oh and we put The Ghan in our calendars for 2030.

Everything which is bookable and payable in advance has been booked and paid in advance. The cruise, the flights, the train journey, the hotels.

So our Odyssey, which really is an Odyssey, comes to an apotheosis quite soon.

Travel, travel, travel

But we have more travel plans for 2020. As usual Timothy wants to get out of Belgium around his birthday. Danny has travel plans for Spring.

And in the second half of the year we want to explore Germany and Bohemia by train.

And then there will be the relatively unplanned weekends and excursions.

Fun times ahead.

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