Gay pride calendar 2020

While 2019 commemorated, celebrated and misused the Stonewall Inn Riots of 1969, 2020 actually marks the 50th anniversary of (gay) pride.

In 1970, the very first gay pride march commemorated the riots. It became a world wide phenomenon and tradition. Here is an overview of pride festivals in Europe and the world.

This is not a complete overview. That is impossible. But those listed hereafter deserve a note on your calendar.


  • 1 February: Midsumma Pride March, Melbourne, Australia;
  • 1 February: Winter Pride London, England, United Kingdom;
  • 1-16 February: Auckland Pride Festival; New Zealand;
  • 13 February: Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride, Iceland;
  • 14 February – 1 March: Cape Town Pride, South Africa;
  • 17-23 February: Copenhagen Winter Pride, Denmark;
  • 29 February: Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, Australia.



  • 4-9 March: Darklands (Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium), Antwerp, Belgium;
  • 14-21 March: European Snow Pride, Tignes, France.



  • 25-26 April: Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Japan.


  • 7-17 May: Maspalomas Pride, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain;
  • 8-9 May: Fiertés Namuroises, Namur, Belgium;
  • 23 May: Belgian Pride, Brussels, Belgium;
  • 28-31 May: Alkmaar Pride, The Netherlands.


June is Pride Month. In the United States it’s even an official thing.

  • 1-7 June, Baltic Pride, Tallinn, Estonia;
  • 1-14 June: Vienna Pride, Austria;
  • 6 June: Utrecht Canal Pride, The Netherlands;
  • 6 June: Fiertés Lille Pride, France;
  • 6 June: Magical Pride, Disneyland Paris, France;
  • 6 June: Rainbow City Maastricht, The Netherlands;
  • 12 June: Tel Aviv Pride, Israel;
  • 12-14 June: LA Pride Parade, Los Angeles, United States;
  • 13-20 June: ZaanPride, Zaanstad, The Neterlands
  • 14 June: Parada do Orgulho LGBT de SP, São Paulo, Brazil;
  • 18-28 June: Dublin Pride, Ireland;
  • 19-28 June: Oslo Pride, Noway;
  • 20 June: Zürich Pride, Switzerland;
  • 20-28 June: EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki;
  • 25-28 June: Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico;
  • 26-27 June: Pride Barcelona, Spain;
  • 26-28 June: Toronto Pride, Canada;
  • 27 June: Marche des fiertés de Paris, Paris, France;
  • 27 June: Pride in London, England, United Kingdom;
  • 28 June: New York City Pride March, United States.


TBD in June:

  • Sofia Pride, Bulgaria;
  • Ljubljana Pride, Slovenia.


  • 1-5 July: Madrid Orgullo, Spain;
  • 3-4 July: Bourne Free, Bournemouth, United Kingdom;
  • 3-5 July: CSD Köln, Cologne, Germany;
  • 24 July: L-Fest UK, Llandundo, Wales, United Kingdom;
  • 25 July: CSD Berlin, Germany;

TBD in July:

  • Vancouver Pride, Canada.


  • 1 August: Canal Parade Pride Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
  • 1 August: Brighton Pride, England, United Kingdom;
  • 1 August: Stockholm Pride, Sweden;
  • 3-9 August: Prague Pride, Czech Republic (Czechia);
  • 5-9 August: Antwerp Pride, Belgium;
  • 6-16 August: Fierté Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
  • 18-23 August: Copenhagen Pride, Denmark.


TBD in August:

  • Manchester Pride, England, United Kingdom;


  • 5 September: Youth Pride, Ghent;
  • 5 September: Bi Pride UK, London, England, United Kingdom;
  • 18-27 september: Rotterdam Pride, The Netherlands.

TBD in September:

  • Beograd Prajd, Belgrade, Serbia.


  • TBD: Buenos Aires Pride, Argentina.

Subject to changes. Google the prides you’re interested in.

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