BELGIUM | Will coronavirus countermeasures be tightened?

On Wednesday 15 April the National Security Council of Belgium reconvenes to evaluate the situation concerning coronavirus COVID-19.

There’s a pattern going the last few weeks. The medical experts – virologists and other -logists – launch an idea or a complaint in the media and more often than not it is sanctioned a bit later by the cabinet.

Easter weekend

This past weekend, Easter weekend, was particularly sunny and warm. Belgians being Belgians, many didn’t follow the countermeasures. In public places it was apparently okay, but in private not.

People hold barbecues and parties, as they believe the virus will spare them. It’s typically Belgian to act as rules are for other people

So the warned ‘Wuhan style‘ lockdown measures may be necessary. Those where the words of prof. dr. Marc Van Randt, MD.

No travel this summer

His colleague prof. dr. Erika Vlieghe, MD of the University Hospital of Antwerp UZA warns in the meantime travelling abroad this summer will be difficult. Not only must it be a good idea in Belgium, but also in other countries.

Spain, for instance, is contemplating not allowing foreign tourists this summer.

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  1. Marla says:

    I’m hopeful for a lockdown here too. So many people bend the rules to meet their wants – which does nothing to stop the spread. It is everyone’s problem, and not just those who are keen to follow the rules.

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    1. Timothy says:

      That is very true.

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